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Himachal Pradesh is one of India’s most northerly states in the Asian sub-continent. The richness of the landscape it contains is legendary in this state. You will be able to find everything here, straight from the woods, glaciers, snow-capped peaks, plains, and ice stretches created by snow. It provides a multifaceted view of high snow-covered mountains, deep gorges, thickened forest valleys, great lakes, rocky fields, and rivers. Himachal means “snowy pistes” and Pradesh means “state.” He means “state.” For your easy reference, you have been listed as the 8 best trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh in 2021.


Top 8 Himachal Pradesh trekking routes


In Himachal Pradesh, we have mentioned 8 hiking routes that go through the most beautiful landscape on earth. Be aware, before you set off for these routes, that those treks are intended for serious walkers:


Kheerganga Trek


Kheer Ganga in Kasol is a gorgeous mountain river. A short yet demanding walk is the only way to reach that location. The Kheerganga Trek is renowned throughout the country and trekking lovers are excited about its beauty. The trek is approximately 12 km, and you can take just a few brief pauses in approx. 5 or 6 hours.


Malana Village Trek


A 4-kilometer long trek through the village of Malana brings you to one of India’s oldest villages. It begins in the Himachal in the village of Jari. Take a long journey along the narrow winding paths in the heart of the mountains. It’s one of Himachal’s most rewarding weekend treks. Your mind would be calm on a foggy morning and the crisp mountain air. Travelers planning to travel to Kasol have to enjoy a charming walk from Kasol to Malana.


Beas Kund Trek


Beas Kund is also a place of great historical significance not only as a beautiful place. It is situated on the range of the Himalayas in Dhauladhar. A short walk to Beas Kund is needed. It is about 15 and 17 km long and takes about three days to finish. It is good for all ages because it isn’t too challenging. In addition, to complete this trip you don’t need to be an expert at trekking. You should stop at the campgrounds and enjoy the beauty of the countryside.


Chandrakhani Pass Trek


The Chandrakhani Pass Trek overlooks Deo Tibba and the Pirpanjal areas with a majestic and breathtaking view. It ranges from an altitude of 2,000,000,50 meters to three,000,660 metres. This is one of Himachal Pradesh’s moderate and low-altitude treks and it takes 3 days to complete the tour. The journey begins from Naggar on Rumsu, Ganachalani, and Celanti on the left bank of the River Beas. It couldn’t have been better than this for Himachal Pradesh, because it’s one of the easiest treks to do.


Jakhu Temple Trek


The Shimla Temple of Jakhu is a Lord Hanuman Temple. This temple is known for hosting thousands of adorable monks. Lord Hanuman’s gigantic sculpture is on the temple. The cyanosis of all eyes stands at 108 feet in height. The temple is situated at 2455 meters above sea level on the highest peak of Shimla. In terms of religious travelers, it is a big attraction. As tourists walk to the temple, they can see the 108 feet high statue of the Hanuman in the temple of Jakhu, fallen behind the deodar trees.


Prashar Lake Trek


The impressive Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley are set in Prashar Lake. The 180-degree view of three mountain ranges, namely the Dhauladhar, Pir Pinjal, and Kinnaur, on this trek in the Himalayas. Two routes to Prashar Lake can be passed. Biaggi village and the other one from Jwalapur village are the preferred roads. Compared to Jwalapur Road, the walkthrough Biaggi Village is a bit hard. Visitors to Himachal Pradesh should visit the beautiful place during the winter, as it is a great winter snow trek.


Hampta Pass Trek


Passo Hampta is located 4270 meters above sea level in Pir Panjal. This is mostly for shepherds and a handful of hikers at 14,000 feet in height. One of the most challenging treks in Himachal Pradesh is the Hampta Pass Trek. It is surrounded by glaciers, rivulets, hills, and wilderness. Without the Himachal Pradesh trekking map, you can’t go on this walk.


Triund Trek


In Himachal Pradesh, people looking for solo treks certainly should go to the Triund Trails and have an appointment with the mountains. It looks big and wonderful in the Dhauladhar range. At the night, enjoy sleeping under the stars and have fun. You will have the good fortune to be in this stunning landscape. There’s no spot on earth such as Triund. Trust us and this is one of the treks you may have requested to be unforgettable.

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